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About us

What is HOP?

HOP is the one-stop shop for talent.

Powered by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, students, employers, residents wishing to upskill, are now able to HOP into all the resources they need to make informed career decisions and build a future talent pipeline.

HOP is the premier gateway in Hertfordshire to find out about:

  • career path options
  • apprenticeships and work experience
  • skills development and professional qualification programmes.

Our Vision

For HOP to become the go-to portal for skills training and apprenticeships information and for it to become a beacon of excellence across the country.

HOP will enable:

  • Residents to access the information they need to make informed decisions on career path options including Further Education, Higher Education, professional qualifications, work experience and job opportunities
  • Employers to reach and recruit their future talent and upskill and provide progression opportunities for existing staff
  • Training providers to tailor the local offer in order to meet current and future business needs

The HOP story

In 2018, Hertfordshire LEP recognised the need for students, employers and training providers to access advice and guidance on qualifications and apprenticeships via one portal. Students from Thomas Alleyne Academy in Stevenage came up with the name Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal, and that is how HOP sprung into life!

HOP – A Celebration of Talent

As well as being a vital talent resource for our county, HOP is a celebration of Hertfordshire's achievements in skills, careers and apprenticeship initiatives. HOP will be celebrating:

  • Our ambitious employers who are driving growth through offering high quality skills and work experience opportunities,
  • Our young apprenticeship ambassadors and their achievements on completion of their qualifications
  • Our training providers who deliver high quality learning programmes impacting both business and individual
  • Our schools and careers advisers, who do remarkable work ensuring their students can make an informed decision on their post 16 and post 18 career pathways and
  • Our ambassadors and stakeholders in skills who tirelessly promote the benefits of lifelong learning. 

Have a skills story to celebrate - get in touch and we will shout about it for you.

Our Vision – 2020 and beyond

  • HOP is on the smart phone of every Hertfordshire resident aged 14-24 (and their parent/carer) to enable them to make an informed decision on their future career path options
  • The HOP website is used by all Hertfordshire employers as the go-to service to enable them to reach and recruit their future talent and post all their work experience, apprenticeship and graduate job vacancies.
  • HOP is the go to portal for our residents looking to gain employment, retrain or return to work.
  • HOP is accessed by all Hertfordshire employers and their employees who are looking to further develop their professional qualifications and understand pathways and skills programme available.
  • HOP is a beacon of excellence for all future skills and development programmes across the country, shining a light on Hertfordshire's achievements.

What are you waiting for?

HOP into and start preparing for success!



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