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Green Building Design Consultants Ltd

Green Building Design is a multidisciplinary consultancy specialising in the delivery of sustainable, innovative and practical building services and design solutions, having vast experience in the environmental services sector.

Green Building Design was started in 2001 by Simon Green. Since its inception the practice has, through the continued support of clients and other professionals with whom we work, progressively grown in size and into new market sectors and business opportunities.

As a practice, Green Building Design sees our fundamental role as promoting the health and wellbeing of those who occupy the built environment that we are involved in creating. We aim to do this by providing environments that are comfortable, environmentally sound and functional. Green Building Design’s service is based upon the following key deliverables:

  • We offer solutions that are practical, cost effective and delivered with a commitment to protecting our global environment and our limited natural resources.
  • We aim to be proactive within the professional team, working in collaboration with both the project Architect and Cost Consultant. We seek to provide clear and accurate communication of our design options, as we see this as being vital to a successful design process.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement is intrinsic to what we do. We embrace modern technology and seek to inform others how such technologies can be incorporated into design enabling architects and clients to make informed decisions regarding the creation of the best possible environment within budget.

Collaborative working and timely release of agreed design deliverables are fundamental to an efficient construction process and we strive to ensure that the quality of information provided facilitates the construction and post occupation success of all projects.

Why work with us?

Green Building Design is a welcoming company who strive to help young people enter the world of engineering. We are continually growing in numbers as well as expertise and have a lot of experience to offer apprentices. You will be exposed to every aspect of the company from the admin to the design and software to give you valuable experience to kick start your career.

Apprenticeship, Graduate and Work Experience Programmes

Green Building Design offers work experience to students who are looking for experience in the industry and have an interest in continuing their career in building services. During the week or 2 weeks experience the students will carry out a programme covering everything from technical drawings to mechanical and electrical software that the engineers use on a daily basis. This will give them a good overview on the industry and the knowledge and understanding to decide if they would like to continue a career in building services once they level school.

GBD offer apprenticeships to 16-18 year olds looking to have a career in building services. Following a week or 2 weeks experience they will then get to choose whether they want to pursue a career in mechanical or electrical building services. After that they will be enrolled in a 4 year college course at City of Westminster College in London to complete Level 3 & 4. Following that they will be enrolled at London South Bank University to complete their degree for a further 4 years.

During their time studying they will be assigned to a senior engineer in their chosen field and will be able to attend site, meetings and carry out designs and calculations to learn the skills to become an experienced engineer after graduating. They will be involved in the whole project learning skills such as technical drawing and AutoCAD, as well as design and calculation software in their discipline.

There are lots of things to gain from being an apprentice, not only gaining your degree whilst earning money, but also gaining around 9 years’ experience in the industry at the same time. Graduates who have come from an apprenticeship background are far more appealing to employers as they have the knowledge and understanding of the industry as well as the degree and in my opinion and 19 years’ experience, they will always stand a better chance in the industry at getting a job and are an asset to have.

Simon Green 


Starting my career as an apprentice at 16 has been the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I gained my college qualifications I have nearly finished my university degree. I have gained knowledge and understanding that has helped me a great deal in all of my university work. There are so many benefits to working in the industry whilst studying, I had a support network of people who could help with my university work, it has given me a great start to my engineering career, confidence and I hope when I graduate the knowledge I have gained whilst studying will help me progress even further.

Chelsie Graffato 

Former Apprentice Junior Building Service Engineer


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