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Guide to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can provide a productive and effective way to grow talent, develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce and drive business success.

Apprenticeships themselves are going through their biggest overhaul in a generation. No longer just for young people, they help staff of all ages and levels progress in work. They can include degrees or chartered status and provide a valuable pathway to develop the right staff, your way – no matter what sector your business is operating in.


You could be eligible to get up to £2,000 for each new apprentice you hire, with new incentive payments for employers. This includes hiring redundant apprentices. Find out more here.

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership worked closely with The Strategic Development Network to develop an Employers' Apprenticeship toolkit which was commissioned by the Learning & Work Institute and funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

We have used this toolkit to provide you with the following guide which is intended to help you at the various stages of the apprenticeship journey, directing you to key information as well as directing you to the local support services what are available to you.

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