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How are we supporting work experience in Hertfordshire?

Our skills strategy

In our Hertfordshire Skills Strategy ‘Realising our Potential’, a key theme is to ensure we are developing our future workforce
and supporting our 16 to 24 year olds in the transition from education to employment. Our aspiration is that all young people will develop the knowledge and skills to flourish in the workforce.

the careers and enterprise company

The delivery of the Careers and Enterprise programme in Hertfordshire is progressing well and aims to support these aspirations, 104 schools and FE Colleges have now received an audit of their careers, enterprise and employer engagement activity. Additionally, 84 of our Hertfordshire schools have also accessed the Department for Education’s ‘Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge for Schools and Colleges’ programme, ensuring that students, teachers and parents receive high quality information and advice about apprenticeships.

The transition from education to employment

Research tells us that for young people the transition from education to work is often difficult and employers have concerns about young people’s employability skills such as confidence, communication and reliability. Access to high quality work experience opportunities is key to bridging this gap. At its broadest and best, work experience can open young people’s eyes to jobs they never thought of, help inform career decisions, offer a chance to prove themselves to an employer and help instil the attitudes and behaviours expected in the workplace.

The Hertfordshire Skills Framework sets out the key employability skills and attributes sought by Hertfordshire employers from young people. The Framework was compiled by Hertfordshire LEP, YC Hertfordshire and the University of Hertfordshire, and developed with the aim of improving the work readiness of young people and the careers guidance provided by schools.

The future

Policy changes at the Department of Education (DfE) and the introduction of ‘T’ Levels means that there will be bigger demand than ever for work experience placements. To support this we have developed a suite of resources that will provide clarification for our employers with regard to the benefits of ‘T’ level industry placements in relation to other work experience opportunities.

This information, advice and resources will support the need to generate ‘T’ Level Industry Placements in the local area. Browse the work experience pages to find out is taking place nationally with policy on T Levels, what the changes are, the benefits to our Hertfordshire businesses and how you can get involved.

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