Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers

£18,200 Average salary at age 20
£42,640 Average Salary
53 Average hours per week


Jobholders in this unit group install, service and repair air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in factories, offices, shops and homes.

Main Tasks

  • Examines the proposed site to establish if installation plans are practical;
  • Plans layout of the system (pipework, ducts and control panels);
  • Produces detailed estimate of costs of the work;
  • Plans work schedule and installs the system;
  • Inspects and tests the installation;
  • Carries our maintenance checks and repairs.


There are no formal academic entry requirements although some employers may request GCSEs/S grades. Training is via an apprenticeship, or BTEC, City & Guilds or other specialised qualification.

UK Prospects

16100 Workforce Size
10.48% Predicted decline 2020 - 2027
2965 Predicted Replacement 2020 - 2027

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