Legal associate professionals

£14,560 Average salary at age 20
£35,360 Average Salary
36 Average hours per week


Legal associate professionals provide administrative support for legal professionals, and investigate and make recommendations on legal matters that do not fall within the province of a normal court of law.

Main Tasks

  • Runs chambers on behalf of principals, develops the practice, manages the flow of work, decides which cases to accept, arranges appropriate fees and prepares financial records;
  • Collates information, drafts briefs and other documents;
  • Interviews and advises clients, undertakes preparatory work for court cases;
  • Attends court to assist barristers and solicitors in the presentation of a case;
  • Assists in all aspects of property conveyancing and probate and common law practice.


Entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades and A levels/H grades in appropriate subject areas. Off- and on-the-job training is available. Membership of professional institutions will be required for some posts. Candidates must pass professional examinations and complete up to five years of practical experience.

What Legal associate professionals studied in higher education

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What Legal associate professionals studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L3) Sociology2
(C8) Psychology1
(M0) Broadly-based programmes within law1
(Q3) English studies1
(L2) Politics2
(M1) Law by area37
(M2) Law by topic42
(L1) Economics1
(N1) Business studies1
(N2) Management studies1
(V1) History by period1
(L6) Anthropology1

UK Prospects

86500 Workforce Size
7.55% Predicted growth 2020 - 2027
19058 Predicted Replacement 2020 - 2027

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