Lifelong Learning

Whether a language, a qualification or IT skills, returning to learn as an adult is a rewarding experience

lifelong learning for all

We are committed here in Hertfordshire to ensuring all our residents have opportunities to enhance their skills throughout their working lives - whether that is improving english and maths skills, developing management and higher level technical skills, gaining professional qualifications in an individual's field of expertise or encouraging greater focus on training in our key sectors such as engineering, life sciences and creative industries.

What are the benefits of lifelong learning?

Engaging in lifelong learning will reap many benefits such as gaining a new qualification, increasing your employability and promotion prospects, filling a skills gap, broadening your knowledge, better contributing to the community and personal and professional satisfaction

It is important as workplaces become increasingly diverse and complex, more and more employers are realising that formal qualifications aren’t the only way to identify desirable staff. The knowledge gained through previous experience, as well as any skills which have been self-taught or learned along the way, could greatly benefit the business.

Lifelong learning also ensure their employees continue to develop, and shows their desire to grow on a professional level


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