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HOP Lesson Plans

Lesson plans, activity sheets and presentations to support your careers education activities with your students

What is HOP?

HOP is the ‘Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal', a one-stop shop for young people to access advice and guidance on career path options, employment opportunities, apprenticeships, and work experience opportunities in Hertfordshire.

A variety of free lesson guides and resources that can be used with ‘Hopinto’ are available for schools, colleges and any other providers who support young people. The lesson guides provide opportunities for young people to discover the range of local sectors with opportunities and more information about careers!

How can HOP help teachers in secondary schools?

School and education providers in Hertfordshire are required to fulfil their statutory duty to deliver high quality and impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance. With teachers and careers advisers involved in supporting students to make informed decisions on their post-16 and post-18 career pathways, HOP is the go-to portal for students in Hertfordshire.

We have devised some lesson guides to help teachers meet the identified 8 Gatsby benchmarks that are the core dimensions of good careers and enterprise provision in schools. They have been designed to be delivered by teachers that do not have careers guidance experience, and can be used in careers and pastoral lessons, or by the student/teacher as an ongoing planning exercise focusing on career development.

Why should teachers in Hertfordshire secondary schools use HOP?

The resources provides young people access to the information they need to make informed decisions on qualification choices and career path options, including guidance about accessing Further Education and Higher Education, work experience and job opportunities, and much more!

In order for students to research their career options fully, they need to have an understanding of what a local labour market is, why it useful to access information relating to the local labour market and where they can access such information. Powered by the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the portal aims to inform young people of the choices and options available to them. The difference with HOP is that it is local - it tells you about what is going on in Hertfordshire with regard to careers, work experience, jobs and apprenticeships and how students and schools can connect with employers in the local area. HOP is here to help students navigate their way through to the world of work!

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: What is labour market information and why is it important?

This lesson guide will explain where students can find job data, how they can use it, and how it can assist them in thinking about their future work and careers.,

Lesson Plan - LMI

Student Activity Sheet - LMI

PowerPoint - LMI

Lesson 2: Hertfordshire's Growing Employment Sectors

This lesson guide will look at what will jobs look like in the future and what skills will be in demand? This is relevant now for students than ever before, as we seek to make sense of the future in a landscape of rapid change, and with many sought-after jobs of the future not yet in existence.

Lesson Plan - Growing Employment Sectors

Student Activity Sheet - Growing Employment Sectors

PowerPoint - Growing Employment Sectors

Lesson 3: #hopinto the right career for you!

The lesson guide aims to encourage young people to widen their research into jobs as much as possible, to ensure they explore job profiles and all the available routes into employment prior to shortlisting their own career pathway.

Lesson Plan - The right career for you

Student Activity Sheet - The right career for you

PowerPoint - The right career for you

Lesson 4: My dream work experience

Work experience provides an opportunity for young people to experience the work place, to better understand if a particular career is right for them and prepare them for the demands and expectations of the working world.  This lesson plan explores how students can find work experience. 

Lesson Plan - Work experience

Student Activity Sheet - Work Experience

PowerPoint - Work Experience

Lesson 5: Further and Higher Education options

This lesson guide is designed to encourage students to carefully explore post-16 options, and to consider all the different routes into a career path.

Lesson Plan - post-16 options

Student Activity Sheet - post-16 options

PowerPoint - post-16 options

Lesson 6: Hertfordshire Skills Framework - Get Work Ready!

The Hertfordshire Skills Framework sets out the key employability skills and attributes sought by Hertfordshire employers developed with the aim of improving the work readiness of young people and to introduce students to the concept and importance of skills in the workplace.

There are 12 skills grouped under two main headings:

  • people and personal
  • technical and practical

The lesson guide focuses on the 12 skills. The mapping exercise allows students to identify which skills they already possess, and have some consideration for skills that could be developed further.

Lesson Plan - Skills Framework

Student Activity Sheet - Skills Framework

PowerPoint - Skills Framework


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