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How does HOP feed live job and apprenticeship vacancies?

Where does HOP get my jobs from?

HOP gets jobs from Adzuna. We chose Adzuna as our jobs source because it searches thousands of websites for jobs and brings them all together. This means HOP is in effect pulling jobs from thousands of websites too.

What can I do to make sure my job is listed on HOP?

For a job to be listed on HOP, it must have a Hertfordshire based postcode and be listed on Adzuna. To make sure your job is listed on Adzuna you can either upload it directly to the Adzuna platform or upload it onto a platform that Adzuna pulls from.

To find out which platforms Adzuna pulls from, do a straightforward search for jobs and view the results. You will see jobs appear from the likes of Total Jobs, Reed, Monster, CV Library etc. Then you can decide which platform is best suited to your business.

Adzuna also pulls jobs from the UK Government's Find A Job service. This may be the easiest way to make sure your job is listed on HOP.

I advertise jobs on a website that Adzuna does not pull from. What should I do?

If you post jobs on a website that Adzuna does not pull from, you can make a suggestion that they should pull jobs from that source by completing their Contact Form.

How do I advertise my apprenticeships on HOP?

There are several steps to taking on an apprenticeship. The fourth step below will result in your apprenticeship being added to HOP:



Other queries

If you have any other questions or would like to speak to a member of the HOP team please email [email protected] 

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