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Latest research report from EMSI: Examining the outcomes of Degrees

Examining the outcomes of degrees

EMSI have announced the release of their newest research report, Degrees at Work: Examining the serendipitous outcomes of diverse degrees.

Different degrees lead to different career outcomes, but education isn't as deterministic of our work as you might think. In this report, they examine the changing career outcomes and skills of hundreds of thousands of people from six varying program types. The result?

People from diverse academic backgrounds often have surprisingly similar career outcomes.

In this report, they found that:

  • Sales, marketing, management, and business and financial analysis are in the top 10 most popular outcomes for almost all degrees, including Engineering and IT.
  • These popular outcomes revolve around tactical communication, strategic communication, interpersonal oversight, and operational oversight.
  • 47% of all analyzed graduates went into these core business roles, as opposed to 33% for STEM jobs and 20% for soft skill jobs.

Want to download the full report? Click here, then follow the download button.

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