Hertfordshire Business Awards 2020

Time to celebrate all that has been achieved

Now more than ever it is important to recognise businesses that are thriving and therefore HOP are proud to be sponsoring the Employer of the Year category which will find those employers who demonstrate strong commitment to staff.

Staff are the most important asset of any business. This category will find businesses which demonstrate strong commitment to staff and asses how employees benefit the business.

Entry criteria

  • Outline of business – Including details of staffing numbers and types of jobs people do.
  • Effective Recruitment and Retention – Demonstrate your recruitment processes and policies to increase retention.
  • Benefits & Wellbeing Strategy –Evidence the company's strategy to benefits and wellbeing, and how it effects/meets the business needs. How do you communicate the strategy to employees, what is employee take-up of the scheme and how it has benefited the organisation. Demonstrate measurement of return on investment.
  • Employee Engagement Strategy – Can your strategy link employee engagement and is this at the heart of the business? Can you demonstrate motivation programmes that have made a difference to performance. Entrants should provide details of the strategy itself, demonstrate how it measures improvements in engagement and detail the business outputs.
  • Staff Development & Training Needs – How are staff within the company trained and developed? Is there a culture of  internal promotion? This should be supported with evidence of high staff morale and low staff turnover. Show how the training follows a set path within the company? And how this is translated to individual requirements? Are all staff entitled to training or is it for specific position or levels?
  • Performance –How do you measure staff performance and its influence on the business?

Caroline Cartwright, Skills, Employment and Apprenticeship Manager at Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership explains why HOP is sponsoring the Employer of Year Award.

Why have you chosen to support the Hertfordshire Business Awards? 

We have chosen to support the Hertfordshire Business Awards as we are committed to working with our partners to drive up productivity across Hertfordshire by creating a skilled and motivated workforce which can adapt to meet current and future business needs. Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal has been developed to ensure our employers, residents and young people have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions about careers pathways, skills solutions and employment opportunities. We are looking forward to working with the employers who enter this category to explore many example of best practice in people development, emerging talent programmes and skills solutions.

What will you be looking for in the winners of your category? 

Over and above the details given in the category summary we are really interested in seeing examples of the following:

  • How employers engage with the education sector to inspire the next generation into their sector?
  • How an organisation works within its community and local partners in particularly supporting those who are not in education, employment or training into employment
  • Innovative programmes to support individuals with learning difficulties or disabilities into full employment
  • Programmes to support mental health
  • Innovative ways of supporting remote working

What advice would you give those who are considering entering? 

The judges may have a lot of entries to judge so we are looking for entries that are concise and have innovative content and examples of good practice that jump out at us – testimonials, case studies and videos are a great way of highlighting good practice and bringing your entries to life. If you do something differently to any other business in your field, highlight and speak about it. This is an opportunity to put your business in the limelight – don’t be shy.  Be big and be proud of your business and your achievements


To read the The Awards launch supplement click here and to enter the awards visit their website here.


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