National Apprenticeship Week

The 13th annual National Apprenticeship Week is taking place from the 3rd-9th February, including Saturday and Sunday, in the hope of providing more opportunities for the apprenticeship community to get involved. 

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships across England and is a time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country.

The theme of the Week is ‘Look Beyond’ and supports the aims of the Fire It Up campaign in reaching out to and showcasing diversity in apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship employers use the opportunity to promote the success of their apprentices and highlight the huge benefits to other employers, of all sizes, who are thinking of taking on an apprentice.

Apprentices across the country will also be celebrated throughout the week, with engagement and events in schools and colleges. Many current and former apprentices will go back to school to tell their story, attracting the next generation of apprentices, so they too can fire up their future career.

Throughout the 13 years, National Apprenticeship Week has brought together apprenticeship supporters from across the country, with MPs, ambassadors, apprentices, training providers and top employers involved in recognising the value and importance of apprenticeships.


To find out how you can get involved go to to download your toolkit. #NAW2020 #LookBeyond.

Amazing Apprenticeships are also providing a number of resources designed inspire students and teachers alike to see how subjects that they love can link to fantastic apprenticeship opportunities.

The National Apprenticeship Week 2020 events map is now also live, and we hope to see a variety of #LookBeyond events taking place over the course of the week.

If you are hosting an event please add it to the map as soon as possible. The event submission form is available here.

HOP would love to hear and shout about your Hertfordshire events for National Apprenticeship Week, email us on [email protected]

Hertfordshire Events

Careers Leaders Colloquium

"We will be inviting all Careers Leaders in Hertfordshire who engage with young people on topics such as careers, skills and training. We will provide them with the tools they will need to provide current and appropriate guidance on apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships. They will have a chance to hear directly from an employer and an apprentice and ask as many questions to build their knowledge and confidence."
Our Deputy Chair of Hertfordshire LEP and Chair of Hertfordshire LEP’s Skills and Employment Board, Adrian Hawkins, showcased HOP at the University. The event was focused on Degree Apprenticeships, and arming Careers Leaders with the tools and knowledge that they can take back into their schools. Adrian demonstrated the unique search function that sifts through nationwide opportunities, leaving all of Hertfordshire’s apprenticeships, jobs and courses to be viewed.

Robotic Line Marker Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2020, current apprentices at John O’Conner, who are based in Hertfordshire, were introduced to our newest and most sophisticated piece of machinery; Rigby Taylor's TinyLineMarker (TLM).

The team demonstrated the TLM at Barnwell School in Stevenage and was joined by MP for Stevenage, Stephen McPartland and Amazing Apprentices.

The TLM is operated by a tablet and GPS satellite connection with the software allowing our operatives to move, resize and reshape the pitch lines down to centimetre precision. It allows our operatives to mark pitches and running tracks without the need for measuring with reel and string, therefore introducing time efficiencies.

It's not only improving customer service levels but is also enabling us to reduce the human resource, time, water usage and carbon footprint of our traditional line marking operations.

Matt O'Conner, Managing Director at John O'Conner said: Our apprentices are witnessing first-hand how robotic line markers are transforming the sports ground industry, and in line with the National Apprenticeship Week theme to ‘Look Beyond’, they also saw how the technology allows a grounds person to create, resize, copy or move pitches in seconds using a tablet computer and Google Earth


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