Why is it important to reflect on your work experience?

Why reflection is a crucial part of work experience

Here are a few reasons why reflecting on work experience is important and why it should not be ignored: reflect

  • Reflection will help you develop your skills and review where your strengths and weaknesses lie. What did you excel at? What did you find challenging? What do you need to work on? 
  • It can be used as as a taster, reflecting on the role and sector. Did you enjoy the work culture? The day to day role? This will be useful when evaluating what career path you want to go down. It may clarify if this is right for you or it might be an indication that you should try something else.
  • Reflecting on the experience may highlight areas or problems that may need some work. This is a positive, it means you can identify your weaknesses, likes and dislikes and take action from there to finding solutions. 

How to reflect on your work experience

Reflecting can be done in many ways and it may be different for everyone. 

It may be talking to a friend, family member or a careers leader at your school or college. Discussing what you have done at the end of your experience, from your achievements and challenges can help you in understanding what skills you need to build on.

Another way of reflecting on your work experience is by using the Hertfordshire Skills Framework Recording Progress form use this to reflect on your work experience but also use it again a year later and reflect on what you have worked on. 

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