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Who we are

The Growth Hub is delivered, on behalf of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), by a consortium led by business support services provider Exemplas with the University of Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. Hertfordshire LEP receives funding directly from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), augmented by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and other funding as bidding opportunities arise to deliver the service. 

What we do

The Growth Hub guides businesses through a journey of support to help them progress. The service blends digital and physical support through a team of expert Growth Account Managers, and a soon to be launched digital business support platform. The platform will offer a range of tools and resources, which include an extensive Knowledge Bank, a wide-ranging directory of partners and supplier on their Marketplace and a busy calendar of events across the county.

In short, the Growth Hub removes the barriers to business growth and helps businesses plan for the future and achieve meaningful, sustainable success.

We didn’t really have a footprint, as such, in Hertfordshire. So the relationships that I’ve built personally - and my colleagues - with the Growth Hub has been fantastic. They’ve been very supportive.

Matt Clark 


Profits have improved and the adviser helped me focus on growth margins, looking at the relationship between what you spend and what you earn.

Andrea Allen 


I believe the assistance provided by the Growth Hub and accessed with their support with catapult the business to the next level.

June Cory 

My Mustard

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We tailor our support to your business, ensuring you receive the best advice. Our Growth Account Managers are able to provide established SMEs with one-to-one in-depth advice and guide them on the path to success.

To find out more about Hertfordshire Growth Hub, visit: www.hertsgrowthhub.com

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