4ways Healthcare is a teleradiology provider who delivers radiology reporting solutions to NHS and Private Healthcare providers across the UK. Over the past 16 years we have discovered innovative ways to support UK radiology and help our clients deliver positive outcomes to their patients. During this time, we have expanded our services and teams in order to meet the needs of our clients. The work we do is rewarding as we know we are making an impact on people’s lives.


Employer Overview

4ways is the leading, fully UK based, telediagnostics platform with a 16 year track record of innovations to improve patient outcomes. We deliver a broad range of services to over 80 NHS trusts and a growing number of private providers. We implement a unique blend of world-leading technology, skilled teams and the clinical expertise of over 300 Consultant Radiologists.

We provide over 10 million radiology reports a year through our Urgent, Elective and Specialist Care services. We help the NHS to save lives and improve the care of its patients.

4ways was launched in 2005 and since then has innovated the teleradiology market, being the first provider to offer a Tele Nuclear Medicine Service. Our technology solutions have developed with partnerships with leading brands such as IBM Watson and Microsoft. 

We currently have over 170 staff members, most of whom work from our Hemel Hempstead office within the Maylands Industrial Park. At the end of 2021 we moved into a new office to accommodate our growth.

Our services are reported by over 300 Consultant Radiologists who report from their own homes across the UK. They are led by our Clinical leads to provide outsourced reporting to our clients to support their radiology departments and patients.

4ways is lead by our CEO Ajay Bh. Chadha, the longest serving teleradiology CEO in Europe. Since joining the company over 10 years ago, we have gone from strength to strength in our service offering a delivery.

Over the past year 4ways have been shortlisted for LaingBussion and HealthInvestor awards in recognition for the support we have provide our clients during the pandemic.


Why work with us?


4ways is a fulfilling, engaging and unique place to work.

We are leading innovators in our field and are growing quickly. We were the first to create specialised products and are leading the way in implementing Artificial Intelligence. You’ll be joining a supportive team who together save lives and helps our NHS.

We know what we do is specialised so do not expect people who come to work at 4ways to have a deep understanding of what telemedicine is. When employees join us, we provide extensive training opportunities in order to support your transition to our ways of working.

There are a wide variety of roles within 4ways, giving plenty of opportunity to progress. Over time, you will have the opportunity to develop further within your own team or move across into a different department. We are proud that 20% of our workforce have remained at 4ways for over 5 years. Our staff are able to make meaningful connections with both their own colleagues and the clients they work with.

4ways offers flexible working solutions for our staff including remote working when needed and the opportunity to flex start times and shift patterns around your lifestyle. 

We are grateful to have an extremely diverse workforce that enables us the celebrate our differences and work together the provide positive outcomes for all. We are an equal opportunities employer welcoming applicant regardless of faith, disability, gender orientation, sexual orientation, or race. Applicants are considered solely on their ability to do the job through relevant and non-discriminatory interview questions. We celebrate many cultures and festivals in 4ways and we have a workforce that is truly representative of the diverse Hertfordshire area. Our new HQ in Hemel Hempstead is fully accessible, and we are currently working towards accreditation under the Two Ticks scheme.


Apprenticeship, graduate and work experience programmes

4ways is proud to launch its new apprenticeship scheme in 2022. We will welcome apprentices across our IT, Marketing and Operations departments as part od our commitment to support our local community. This will be a new venture for the business, which we are very excited about.

Whilst we do not have a specific graduate scheme, we welcome numerous graduates each year in a variety of roles across the business.

At 4ways we are always happy to offer work experiences to anyone looking to have a greater understanding of one of our departments or our industry. If you are looking for some experience, please get in touch with us via our [email protected] to discuss who we can help you.


Case studies, testimonials and videos

Leanne Croft


“I’ve worked at 4ways now for over 10 years. I started off as an Operational Administrator and have since progressed through the depart to now be an Operations Supervisor. My role is to make sure that everyone in operations is supported and manage the communications between the department and our clients in a daily basis. I love the fact I am helping people – both our clients patients and my own staff members as a manager. We offer a lot of opportunities for the people within the company through training and promotions.

Over the time I’ve worked at 4ways, I’ve seen lots of changes from expansion to moving to our new head office to house our growth. One of our biggest challenges came when we moved to remote working, our IT team rapidly implement full home workstations for the entire business in a week. We are now all able to access remote working, which gives me great flexibility to fit in with my lifestyle.

I always have felt supported whilst at 4ways, everyone is very approachable, Ajay our CEO always has his door open, he’s taught me a lot and has helped me progress into the person I am today.

Being a small company, I have been able to define workflows across the business, with the freedom to share my ideas and think outside of the box. Lots of the work is creating automated solutions, it is rewarding to see my ideas implemented and having a positive effect on our clients.



Srilantha Appe


“I have worked at 4ways for 15 years and have had the opportunity to progress across the business.

4ways was the first company I worked at in the UK and it was a huge cultural shock, however the team were really supportive in helping me settle in.

Initially I started out as a PACS administrator and progressed into a Team Leader in the Operations team. I then had the opportunity to support radiologist inductions and then transferred into the IT team as a PACS specialist and Client Support Manager. I really have had the full 4ways experience! I have been fully supported and all of my managers have encouraged me all they way.

Being a small company, I have been able to define workflows across the business, with the freedom to share my ideas and think outside of the box. Lots of the work is creating automated solutions, it is rewarding to see my ideas implemented and having a positive effect on our clients.

I really enjoy helping new members of the team over the years, we have learnt how to best support new staff members, learning from our own experiences and passing them on.”



Shahid Ali


“I started working at 4ways in November 2021, as an Account Manager which was a new role in the business. I’ve really been immersed into 4ways as I work with nearly all departments on a daily basis. I’ve had to learn the business quickly in order to support my clients but everyone has been incredible supportive to help me.

Since joining I have found that everyone is so open minded and flexible, you can see their passion and that they want to make a difference. A real highlight for me since starting has been getting to know the clients, they are wonderful people.”