The Retrofit Opportunity

Retrofit demand is booming, but Hertfordshire’s skills capacity and capability is still in its infancy stage. This presents a fantastic opportunity for local businesses and tradespeople looking to secure new contracts and explore new avenues to growth, as well as for residents seeking an in-demand career with high growing prospects.

Hertfordshire LEP has launched a new package of training programmes to help residents upskill or retrain, and grant schemes for businesses looking to get into retrofit. Learn more below:



What is retrofit?

Retrofit can be defined as any work done to an existing building to improve its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. Retrofit is key to achieving Government’s 2050 Net Zero target, and delivering warmer homes, improved health and lower energy bills for local residents.

With 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from the built environment, and 80% of the homes that will be occupied in 2050 already in existence, the decarbonisation of the county’s building stock is a major priority.

Key facts

482,900 homes need retrofit measures in Hertfordshire by 2050, equivalent to 52 homes per day
59,800 retrofitters are needed to meet targets, equivalent to 2,300 per year
1.58 million trade days are needed to deliver retrofit at this scale
>£100m funding has already been secured in Hertfordshire to retrofit building stock
£36bn by 2030 is the forecast value of Hertfordshire’s Domestic Energy Efficiency Supply Chain market (currently £1.2bn) 
Only 1.7% of employers are currently certified to deliver retrofit in Hertfordshire

The Retrofit Challenge

The majority of Hertfordshire’s housing stock in old, built circa 1945. 3 in 5 Hertfordshire homes possess an average Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘C’ and there are more failing certificates than passing in most districts. The retrofit roles most needed to improve these dwellings relate to the installation of energy efficiency measures, including:

  • double or triple glazed windows and doors
  • improved wall and loft insulation
  • internal energy management systems
  • smart heating controls
  • modern heating technologies such photovoltaics, heat pumps, geothermal etc.

There is strong demand for both technical roles, e.g. retrofit assessors, installers and heat specialists, and non-technical roles, e.g. project managers, customer service and finance professionals. With only 157 certified retrofit installers in the county, we urgently need more!

How To Get Started

If you would like to get involved in retrofit, contact us and one of our Advisors will talk you through the options.

Are you a resident looking to retrain or upskill?
You may already have some transferable skills, which will require you doing only a small amount of upskilling to be certified to deliver retrofit.

Are you an SME or tradesperson looking to future-proof your business?
Rest assured, retrofit demand is not a fad. Recent Government initiatives include the phasing out of gas boilers by 2030 in favour of new technologies, creating the need for over 11,100 ground source heat pumps to be installed in Hertfordshire by 2028. Are you a Gas Safe engineer, and wondering how the phasing out of gas boilers will affect you? Why not consider upskilling to install heat pumps to futureproof your profession?