Technology can be split into the following sub categories:


  • Cyber Security
  • Games and Web Design
  • Software and Hardware Engineering
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Technical support

Technology offers a broad range of careers, for those with analytical, mathematical and problem solving skills. For those with a more creative mind, product design and games development roles lay within the technology industry. 

It is possible for anyone to get into a tech career and University education is not a must have.  There are a number of vocational pathways including T Levels and apprenticeships.

The future of the tech sector is ever evolving.  Technology has changed the way we live and work and continual development means the continual creation of new careers in the industry.

Roles in technology feature in the majority of companies across Hertfordshire as businesses rely heavily on technology for effective business operation.

Use this link to the HOP Careers Directory to tell you more about Tech based jobs. You can research different tech roles, understand the main tasks and average salaries, learn about which qualifications you should consider studying and explore the current job and apprenticeship vacancies in Hertfordshire.



Job roles in Technology

Facts & Figures

38% Growth in the number of Hertfordshire Tech based businesses in the last 10 years
20,000 Jobs provided by the Tech Sector in Herts
21% Above the National average of technology jobs provided by Hertfordshire
£47,411 Average wage in the technology sector in Hertfordshire
5,000 + Tech Businesses in Hertfordshire

Technology Businesses in Hertfordshire


There are many large Technology based companies in the county such as Computacenter, Ocado and Imagination Technologies.  Hertfordshire is also home to many smaller, less well-known companies who offer fantastic opportunities to work in the industry. Technology roles also feature in companies from all sectors – for example, Tesco who have their UK Head Quarters in Welwyn Garden City and have teams of Data Analysts. Many Hertfordshire companies that aren’t tech based, rely on helpful IT Technicians to solve any issues around hardware and networks. Equally, our Technology companies rely on staff in non-technological roles like business, finance and marketing to help the business operate smoothly.

Technology businesses thrive in Hertfordshire and benefit from access to a growing pool of talent. 

Hertfordshire provides 21% more careers in Tech than the national average.  There are 62,870 businesses based in Hertfordshire and the majority will use some technology to operate.  Roles in Agritech, Fintech and Envirotec are emerging and will feature heavily in Hertfordshire in the coming years.

Many companies have apprenticeship and graduate schemes to support early entry to tech based jobs and careers.




Apprenticeships are one way to start a career in Technology and can cover a wide range of occupations from software development to digital support and cyber security.. 

A selection of apprenticeships include:

Applications Support Lead – Provide tactical advice, training and support on core technology applications.

Digital Support Technician - Maximising the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software and digital communications in organisations

Digital Engineering Technician - Support digital engineers and specialists in completing complex tasks using digital engineering techniques.

Cyber Security Technician – Provide first line cyber security support.

Cyber Security Technologist – Apply an understanding of cyber security to protect from attacks and unauthorised access.

Information Communications Technician - Deliver efficient operation and control of the IT.

Software Development Technician - Building simple applications for use in larger software developments

Software Tester -  Carrying out tests to make sure computer software works as intended

Data Analyst - Collect organise and study data to provide business insight.


You can find out more about all approved technology based apprenticeship qualifications through the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education.


Go to our HOP pages on Apprenticeships for more information on how to become an apprentice. 

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Higher Education


Degree level studies are also available in the sector and will give you the opportunity to learn about a particular subject in much greater depth. Follow this link to explore the Degree opportunities available through the University of Hertfordshire. 


T Levels 


During these 2-year programmes, students will learn the core knowledge and skills that are needed for entry to a range of digital occupations

T-level-Digital Production Design and Development

The core element of a T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding in a broad range of topics such as programming, coding, the use of data and the different platforms of delivery in the digital industry. It’s a fast moving and cutting-edge subject and you’ll also learn about the potential security risks that organisations can face and how to analyse problems and identify solutions through computer programs.

T Level - Digital Support and Services

Learn the essentials of all digital roles by understanding data and digital systems, how software and business interact, security, testing, planning and legal issues.

T Level - Digital Business Services

Learn the essentials of all digital roles by understanding data and digital systems, how software and business interact, security, testing, planning and legal issues. You then build on this by developing specialist skills as a data technician to understanding how to source, analyse and interpret data to support business needs.

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